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Best Zoom backgrounds: Fun virtual backgrounds for Zoom meeting.

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You can feature any picture as your background in Zoom. You need something that acknowledges the reason for your Zoom call. First here is a simple yet sleek brick wall background featuring small-sized blocks.

You might need a white background for your Zoom meeting ; rather than using a simple plain white background, you should opt for this creative one. What you get in this background is a picture of a very sunny day featuring a blue sky, a boat, and an island full of tall green trees.

This cityscape Zoom background is a relatively popular one with over a million views. This background will do for about any Zoom meeting or video conference. Also Read : Funny Zoom Backgrounds. If what you seek is a white creative background, this Castle Walkway background is another great option. Ever had to take a quick Zoom call while at the supermarket or mall?

You can create such a picture with this creative background. Apart from creating the feeling of being in a marketplace, this background will work for eCommerce Zoom meetings — or commerce in general. It features Stonehenge, as magnificent as it ever was, and then the hovering dark clouds make the background sui generis. According to Paulo Coehlo, the core of beauty is simplicity, and this background is here to prove it.

The next background here is a global one, literally, as it features an abstract map of the world. The intermix of blue, gray-blue, and dark blue on the continents is striking.

Also, the background has a paper texture giving it an animated feel. Try out this People in Couch background to create a relatively crowded yet professional setting. The people and couches are in the distance and the main standouts are the long transparent windows.

What you get is a view of the sand, the water as it stretches until out of sight — almost like the edge of the world — and then the blue sky with white clouds. The background features everyday living room furniture including a glass table, chair, sofa, shelf, mirror, plants, and some pillows. Sticky notes can be very instrumental in planning as we can easily pen down thoughts as they come to mind.

Think you can take a Zoom call inside a plane? Well, even if the crew allows it, signal and location may prevent you. The background is bright, featuring rows of seats and their occupants. Perhaps you want a dark background for your Zoom call. The water and the sky, however, remain colorful with light from the setting sun. You can take the other participants on a trip back to life in the early s with this creative background.

What you get instead are numerous wall paintings and gold-plated curtains hanging over the windows. Dogs are the leading type of pet in the world with more than million in number.

If you love dogs — whether you own one or not — this dog outdoors background is an ideal way to display your favorite pet in your next Zoom call.

The sunny environment birthing bright blue skies is captivating. The dog has cool shades on. If you prefer your whites during Zoom calls, this background will interest you.

It features four picture frames on a white wall. The frames primarily feature pictures of giraffes. Then, there are the bright glass bulbs that glaringly light up the room. This background has about 54, downloads which is a testament to its worth. You might be on a Zoom call discussing movies or anything cinema-related. For such a Zoom call, this Netflix background will make a statement. You could be giving others ideas of what to watch without even realizing it. Discussing business, investments?

What better way to place emphasis on the main topic than having some cash in your background. The background features a close-up view of USD notes. NFTs are currently making the rounds on the internet as the latest revelation of blockchain technology. NFTs featuring monkeys — or apes — are very common which makes this military monkey NFT an ideal option. The pale yellow background makes it easy on the eye. As the description reads, the background simply features a Bitcoin on a dollar bill — a perfect depiction of the battle between centralized and decentralized finance.

The background provides you with a lot of white space. It only contains silhouettes of two tall trees and a lightly shaded sky.

The unique blue color harmony from the color of the turntable to the background displays creativity. Not many people get to view the runway from the front while inside the plane; this privilege is reserved for pilots.

This background features the runway of an airport from a plane ready to take off. You can see another plane about to take off in the distance and also the mountain backdrop. The background features see-through gray metal cubes of varying sizes in a seemingly disorderly fashion. However, from the clutter of cubes comes the beauty of the background. The portrait design makes it more enticing.

Also Read : Zoom Meeting Etiquettes. At number 30, we have a lively background and one for the ladies. The creativity lies in the color of the heels and the car being the same. This background will make an ideal option for many reasons. This free background image passes a strong message. It features two hands, reaching out from opposite sides; one white and the other black. Explore : Best Winter Zoom Backgrounds. Paris, France is famous for its many monuments. However, most of the glory goes to the Eiffel Tower.

The background captures the arch in its full glory complemented by the bright blue and white clouds. Attending a coding or programming-related boot camp or conference on Zoom? If yes, you can give other participants the notion that you have a state-of-the-art programming setup at home with this background.

Explore : Best Zoom Space Backgrounds. During Ramadan or any other significant Muslim season, this would be an ideal background for your Zoom call; most especially if the discussion is a religious one.

This is a simple background featuring a white sailboat on the water. The boat is featured from a distance and its reflection in the water adds more life to the background. This book stack background will create a perfect picture of just how much you love reading. It features stacks of books, albeit not very well arranged, but there are just so many books. The backdrop is a blurry sea and sky; not taking any attention away from the creativity of the fingers. Do people get married on Zoom?

Yes, they do! Just the wedding bands and heap of sand are visible; everything else in the background is a blur. Whichever is the case, your background should relate to the activity. Pass the message on in your next Zoom meeting with this serene background.

The only standout color difference is the brown basket the dove stands on. What makes this background stand out are the brown sand path with brown rocks on both sides. Then, the beautiful sea and sky are just a bonus. People do almost everything on Zoom nowadays; even workout classes. A picture of being physically present in a gym can increase concentration. This background is one of the best for Zoom tutors — most especially those offering remote academic classes. It features a close-up view of a blackboard, two pieces of chalk, and two books.

On the blackboard are the letters ABC. Many Zoom users love this background because of its simplicity. It has close to , downloads. Are you about to celebrate a recent win on Zoom? You should check out this soccer trophy background. Notably, there are the falling celebration ribbons in green, white, and red. Time is of the essence, they say. One way to be conscious of time during your Zoom calls is to feature a clock in your background.

Lastly, here is a metro train background. This background creates a picture of you taking your Zoom call from inside a moving train. The train is full of people both standing and sitting.



31 Zoom Backgrounds + How to Change your Virtual Zoom Background – Why is having a Zoom background important during virtual video conferencing?

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The conference room is well lit with a large window. Photo by Bongkarn Thanyakij Via Pixabay. This is another professional Zoom background on our list. The table also features a coffee cup and a digital camera. Notably, the background is clear, while you can still notice the plant. Photo by Skylar Kang Via Pexels. With this background, you get a virtual workstation. The background features an elegant office room with a long black desk, two chairs, and computers.

You can see a little of the city from the tall windows. Photo by Ricardo Esquivel Via Pexels. You may have to take a quick Zoom video call while walking down the hallway, before getting to your office. You can recreate that scenario from anywhere using this hallway background. Although people are walking around, the background features enough room in front for you during your meeting.

Photo by riciardus Via Pexels. The background captures a top view of a room full of people. Also, the plants on one side of the background add to its beauty. This is a three color professional background — black, ash, and white. However, the beauty of the background is in the see-through glass. Photo by cottonbro Via Pexels. The background is as simple as it can be. Besides, it is characterized by the white executive chair and white table.

Interestingly, there is a flower vase and a lampstand which makes the background attractive. Photo by Copernico Via Unsplash. This background image was taken inside the Copernico Blend Tower in Milan. The standout feature is the other people working at the end of the room.

Aside from the people, the others features in this background are just stunning. Photo by Daan Stevens Via Pexels. Want to give other participants a view of your professional office and also that of the city? If yes, then, nothing beats this background. The large windows give a wide view of a city with tall buildings and white skies. Photo by Binyamin Mellish Via Pexels.

This background is an ideal setting for a conference room. Rather than show the entire conference table, it features just one end of the table with two black chairs and a silver MacBook computer. Photo by freepik. In this background, you can see a table and chair with a book, pen, and a bookshelf at the back. However, the standout feature is the globe.

The color cohesion contributes a lot to the professionalism of this background. You can easily position yourself where the chair is during your Zoom video conference.

Here we have another conference room background. This background displays a closer view of a conference room. Although empty, there are laptops and mugs on the table. In addition, the table at the back is turned on, displaying some project details. Photo by Liana Mikah Via Unsplash. Photo by Max Vakhtbovych Via Pexels. In addition, the neat layout makes the background more likable. With this background, you can make other Zoom participants a little jealous of the beauty of your apartment. Photo by Uneebo Via Unsplash.

In addition, the angle of the background makes it ideal for virtual calls. The background also features two sitting chairs and a table whose arrangement could pass for a conference room. Photo by Sharad Kachhi Via Pexels. Photo by Slidebean Via Unsplash. This background simply captures an empty conference room with a view from the host chair. The conference room is as organized as you would expect.

Photo by Pexels Via Pixabay. Looking at this background, you would wish to have a real-life private office like it.

Notably, the chair, desk, and wall are all white. Photo by MagicDesk Via Pixabay. This is a unique business conference room background; you can hardly find a conference room more professional than this. Like most other conference room backgrounds on this list, this one is empty. It features a conference room with a few people.

You can use this background for a quick Zoom conference. The conference room and people make you appear to be in a professional environment. Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko Via Pexels. When in a business district, you would expect to see tall buildings all around. This business district background features an office table and chair. The tall see-through windows contribute to the brightness of the room and also give a view of the business district. Photo by Produtora Midtrack Via Pexels.

This is another Zoom background but this one features a broad view of the city. The background gives the feel of a CEO whose office is at the top-most floor and with glass windows. The laptop on the table and the executive chair are the stand-out features. Photo by Freepik. If you love animation, you can take your next Zoom video conference using this animated office background.

There are also hanging lights and wall art. Design Autumn vegetables. Home Behr Paint. Entertainment Big Brother. Sports Brisbane Lions. Education BYU Cougars. Design Canva. Entertainment Cartoon Network. Entertainment CBS. Sports Chicago Bears. Education Columbia. Entertainment Criminal Minds. Entertainment Ellen DeGeneres.

Entertainment Funny Boy. Featured Getty Images. Education Hamilton College. Featured iStock. Entertainment Jersey Shore. Education Kansas. Education LSU. Education Michigan. Education Michigan State University. Entertainment Moulin Rouge Broadway. Zoom National Nurses Week. Entertainment Netflix. Sports New York Islanders. Entertainment Nickelodeon. Education Notre Dame. Entertainment One Day at a Time. Design Pexels. Design Pixabay. Sports Pocono Raceway. Featured Puppy Bowl Education Sam Houston State University.

Sports San Antonio Spurs. You can showcase this interest using a zodiac sign backdrop. This will make the backdrop seem personal. Just remember to customize it a bit using text, video, images, or colors with Canva.

Source: PNG Tree. Another way to promote your business and gain credibility is by using finance-themed virtual backgrounds. You can easily customize these by adding your business logo and other personal elements. Source: Online Bingo UK. Due to the circumstances, holidays usually spent together are now held on Zoom, and what holiday screams togetherness more than Christmas? Using Christmas backgrounds in your Zoom calls is a great way to get your attendees in a festive mood.

You can use vibrant colors or images of snow and Christmas trees to make it look brighter. This is ideal for virtual Christmas parties with colleagues or family. Source: Popsugar. This example is a good kitchen backdrop for Zoom since it looks spacious and minimal.

These virtual backgrounds are sophisticated and give calls a comforting vibe. Just be sure to choose one that flaunts your taste. Source: Elite Daily. It could be from anywhere like the beach or famous parks. These types of Zoom backgrounds can also enliven a video conference and show your love for traveling and the outdoors.

You can even add personal texts and quotes to make it more special. Source: Unsplash. Indoor plants are well-loved among house owners as it relaxes and calms the mind. You can bring that same effect in your meetings using Zoom backgrounds that are filled with indoor plants.

This example can help attendees of the call feel at ease and give you a stunning yet minimal background. Health and fitness are important, especially while everyone is stuck at home. A fitness background can remind coworkers to take care of their health and get into fitness.

This virtual background can also show them your interest in fitness. You can personalize it with your favorite workout and a few overlays. Source: GoPro. Seeing marine life is both soothing and exciting. You can show your meeting attendees how much you love the world underwater by using pictures of coral reefs, fishes, and the like.

Not only does it make it enticing, but it also looks professional and well-suited for business meetings and presentations. Source: Pure Joy Yoga. Are you conducting yoga lessons online?

If so, having a yoga background is a great way to spruce up your sessions. It adds color to your backdrop and can help your class focus on you. You can make it look more professional and personal by adding branding elements like your logo and business name. Source: Charlene Chronicles. Are you a big sports fan? Using a sports background in your Zoom calls is a playful way to show your personality. Since sports are typically about teamwork and determination, using virtual backgrounds like this can motivate coworkers to be productive.

It can be images from a sports setting like a basketball court or a poster of a famous athlete.

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