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Zoom background images for office meeting. 50 Free Zoom Video Backgrounds To Look Professional On Calls


If you love animation, you can take your next Zoom video conference using this animated office background. There are also hanging lights and wall art. Photo by Lina Kivaka Via Pexels. This background will make a good option if you want an out-of-office view. The top of the building is well lit while the lower floors have shadows — a perfect mix.

Photo by Pixabay Via Pexels. In this background, you get a close view of an empty conference room with a large desk surrounded by several black chairs. In the distance is a large projector screen and a whiteboard. Photo by Joel Filipe Via Unsplash.

This would make an ideal professional background for your Zoom meeting if you work in the engineering industry or your conference is related to the industry. It will also be ideal as an alternative to a plain white background. Photo by Rachel Claire Via Pexels.

Only the most professional office rooms feature Scandinavian furniture. The brown color of the shelf in addition to the accessories and potted plants makes the background unique. Photo by Alexandra Gorn Via Unsplash. With this background, you get an indoor feel. This includes a sofa, dresser, floor lamp, framed art, and two plants.

In addition, there are pillows on the sofa with the door in view. This modern factory background is another background that gives an out-of-office experience. It features the type of factory hallways you only see in movies with reflective walls. Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels. Here we have an image depicting a modern meeting office due to the presence of a table and an array of chairs. Photo by Taryn Elliott Via Pexels. Do you work in the writing, editing, or publishing industry?

If yes, then you can impress your co-participants with this wooden white shelf background. What you get is a close view of the inner edge of a bookshelf with books everywhere. Nothing says writing or publishing more than books.

Photo by Daniel Frank Via Pexels. This is an ideal Zoom background for medics and professionals in the health industry. The background displays a close view of a white clinic room with some medical equipment. On the wall, you can see a TV, a mirror, and some wall art. The last Zoom background on this list is an empty classroom. The background features a chalkboard and a close view of some classroom seats. Simply pick any of the 50 Zoom backgrounds in this article that matches your video conference mood.

Interestingly, all of the entries are available for free. Cassie Riley has a passion for all things marketing and social media. She is a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, language, music, writing, and unicorns.

Cassie is a lifetime learner, and loves to spend time attending classes, webinars, and summits. We are reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Check them out below: Contents show. Best Professional Zoom Backgrounds 1. Empty Conference Room.

Conference Room With TV. Silver iMac on Desk. Black Poster Frame. Blurred Lobby. Tub Chairs. Clean Minimalist Office. Wall Art. Office Room Perspective. Computer Set. Image 1. Mid-century living room Sure, comic book backgrounds are fun.

Maui Alaska Airlines has shared images for use as virtual backgrounds. Bold bookshelf Put yourself in front of a credibility bookshelf with options from Penguin Random House Canada. Bright bookshelf Brightly colored books make for a fun backdrop. Classic bookshelf Go for Penguin classics. Photos: The 42 most realistic Zoom and Teams virtual backgrounds for business meetings Bloomscape background Image: Bloomscape.

Bloomscape background Bloomscape shared a few cool images on its Twitter feed that will make your Zoom background look lusciously green. Bloomscape More from Bloomscape. West Elm cabin West Elm has a way of finding the best kitchen images. West Elm Brooklyn apartment Eclectic artwork is the theme of this Brooklyn apartment. Modern kitchen design A modern kitchen design is the highlight of this West Elm scene. Kitchen counter view The view from the counter in a West Elm designed kitchen.

Quirky backdrop This quirky home will get attention as your background image. Not that anyone will want to work. It gives the impression of a refined workspace that impacts the quality and kind of work you complete. The chic setup makes for a great background that also makes working in your pajamas feel a lot more professional. This chic Zoom background portrays excellence and professionalism thanks to the white and black theme.

This cute aesthetic office Zoom background is not only professional but displays an organized setup that has an impact on your productivity.

The white walls, light gray chairs, white table, and a pop of color from the two succulent plants and wooden walls are a great way to create a professional work from home environment.

You can hide your messy living room or bedroom space with this cozy and modern office Zoom background. This minimalist conference room Zoom background features black chairs with a touch or two of greenery for the perfect virtual team meeting. This Zoom background blends a pop of color from bold water paintings and greenery with the bright light aesthetic of the living room created by the white and black table for a professional yet chic look.

If you want to create the illusion of a neat and tidy little home office space, this creative workspace Zoom background is the perfect option. It features a natural aesthetic with some paint cards and greenery, making it a cute workspace from where all your ideas for the meeting will flow. This office Zoom background gives you a view of the city, which is more like having a corner office to yourself.

Leather seats, warm wood tones, and a huge bookshelf make this office Zoom background a must-have if you want to create the feel of an elite yet cozy setting for your next meeting.

This home office features a splash of bright colors that will liven up your screen and draw eyes to you during your office Zoom meeting. This is a great office Zoom background that shows how exuberant your space is. It features a clear glass top table, flat-screen TV, and chic black and white chairs for the perfect home office. If you want to depict a relaxed setting, you can set it to this beautiful office Zoom background and create a dream home office setup. If you need a quick icebreaker, these chic lounge seats are a great place to start off the conversation.

If you want a home office with the feel of a studio apartment, you can use this office Zoom background to create that effect. The background features a gray fabric sofa, with a patterned rug and some greenery for a pop of color. Yellow oozes activity and energy, which is great when you want to make people feel happy and excited about the meeting. This Zoom background will make you feel active and energized too so be ready to participate more in the meeting compared to your coworkers.

This office Zoom background is a great choice if you want to show the beauty, space, and exuberance of your home office. Grey may not be the best color for an office, but the color can be found in offices that attempt to look modern and sleek. Grey also suggests reliability, maturity, modesty, and security even though it feels like a dull color. This Zoom background is great as it has natural tones with simple multicolored throw pillows on a gray couch and a succulent on the table for that office lounge effect.

This office Zoom background is great if you want to change things up in terms of color and furniture. Brown has a grounding effect but its strength lies in its restorative qualities and stability. It could be a good option to use if your video call involves more mature and older executives at the office. Add a touch of greenery to your office Zoom background for a clean and easy but professional look. Plants help increase productivity and replenish focus while improving workplace happiness even during your meeting.

Color evokes strong emotions. How light or dark the color is can change how the color makes you or others feel. The orange couch in the background is enough to depict productivity and excitement to be at the meeting. This image creates an empty clean office Zoom background you can work with, along with accents of olive green, blue, and some grey to break the monotony.

The background offers simple lines, plenty of light, and professionalism so you can enjoy your meeting with your team. This background oozes boldness thanks to the bold picture on the wall, the grey wallpaper, and the fireplace. The colors blend together and help you show off a little of your personality in your home office. Often it just takes a single \ »cold call\ » to get someone engaged and give them the courage and desire to contribute.

This goes against every communication tip you\’ve ever heard but be careful not to look people in the eye on your video screen. It\’s very tempting to do this but you end up staring into the video screen instead of the camera where you should be looking.

Staring into the screen makes you appear to be looking downward or off to the side instead of straight ahead like you typically would. This can make you look distracted or uninterested even when giving your full attention.

Focus your attention on the camera and use your peripheral vision to monitor reactions. There are a couple of simple things you can do to make your meetings more efficient. Cut the meeting time since the average mind wanders after 18 minutes, hour-long video calls should be a thing of the past. Our community hunts for cool Zoom background images and lists them here so you don\’t have to search.

None of the background images are stored on this website, we link to the original source. How to change your Zoom background Step 1: After starting or joining a meeting, see the lower left corner and click on the up arrow next to the video sign.

Try this random picker! Zoom configuration tips Enable waiting room on Zoom At first, always enable the \ »waiting room\ », so you will not need to chitchat with a guest while waiting for another to join. When using a virtual background Use spacebar to mute and unmute yourself easily If you prefer to keep yourself on mute during the meeting, you can just press spacebar similar to a walkie talk when you want to speak and then let it go to return to mute. Use the split-screen view Every time I hold a meeting I have a presentation to share which limits the number of people I can see on the screen.

Choose the screen that you want to share Another feature that I really like is the option of sharing a specific window. Try a practice run 5 minutes before I can\’t tell you how many people I\’ve seen show up \ »late\ » to video meetings because of technical problems.

Use Zoom shortcuts to save time 1. Collaborate on the Virtual Whiteboard Open up the whiteboard and collaborate with your team remotely.

Watch yourself first Watch yourself on your computer screen before you go into a Zoom meeting. Sit near a window Even the worst camera will look great if you give it a lot of light, and no light source looks as great as sunlight. Wear Bluetooth headphones Headphones offer three great rewards. Add sound-absorbing things to the room Echo is the biggest cause of bad audio in Zoom calls.

Proper framing makes the difference TV stations deliberately shoot anchors from the mid-chest or mid-torso. Improve your personal appearance Avoid wearing red, white, and black colors on your calls. No multitasking honor system It\’s extremely tempting to multi-task during any remote meeting, especially if you\’re not particularly engaged.


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How it works. Go to Zoom & click on your profile in the top right corner. Select “settings” and “virtual background.”. You will see several default background options provided by Zoom. Click the + icon where it says “Choose virtual background.”. A new window will pop up, allowing you to upload any file from your computer. Studio shot of a professional camera on a tripod with a display screen of a model with a soft background of the office room and a. Man wearing a black shirt White Polygon Hall Zoom in. White Clear Modern Architecture Hall. Jan 26,  · Click to download. Zoom Background Dimensions. If you want to take it to the next level, you can also design your own Zoom background. Here are the file specs and dimensions you need to make your own custom virtual meeting background.

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