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Not having a great Monday? Relax, it\’ll be fine, ignore the chaos of the meeting around you with this classic background:. Download : This is fine Zoom background. Ok Zoomer, you wanted classic Download : Star Wars Zoom background. Let\’s face it, most meetings are lots of talk with nothing really going on. What better way to participate in a meeting about nothing than doing it from the show about nothing.

Download : Seinfeld Zoom background. Grab a coffee, get nostalgic and hang out with your teammates from the most famous coffee shop of all time. If you\’re still seriously asking what are some cool backgrounds for Zoom, keep on reading to find out which others appear in our list. Download : Friends coffee shop Zoom background. Download : Holiday Zoom background. Nothing says geeky matrix fan like a curtain full of code, or is it digital rain?

If anyone has an animated version we\’d love to post that here too. Download : Matrix Zoom background. If your fellow execs don\’t have the sense of humor for you to use our toilet background, or you just have a pile of laundry in the background, fake your professionalism with this boardroom background.

Download : Board meeting Zoom background. Boldly take your meeting where it\’s never been before with this Zoom background for Trekkies.

Download : Star Trek Zoom background. This high-quality background image is shot by Jules Marvin Eguilos. Once you\’ve finished downloading the Zoom background, you can follow the steps below to change the video background on the Zoom meeting. Step 1: Open the Zoom desktop software, sign in to your account and click your profile picture. Step 4: You can choose one image as your Zoom background, or you can upload one image as the virtual background for your meeting. Step 1: Unlock your smartphone and launch the Zoom app and start a new meeting on the Zoom app.

Related articles. How to add backgrounds for your Zoom meetings Once you\’ve finished downloading the Zoom background, you can follow the steps below to change the video background on the Zoom meeting. We\’ve all had a moment in the office where we want to have a rant. Feel like you\’re in the real comedy series \’The Office\’ with this zoom background.

Nothing is more iconic than the couch from the Simpsons. Pretend you\’re part of the dysfunctional family by sitting on the couch itself! Fun fact: All characters on The Simpson\’s have 4 fingers on each hand, except for one with five: God. Whether you\’re a Game of Thrones fan or you think sitting on a throne made out of swords is the coolest thing, we\’ve got you. Fun fact: Sophie Turner, who played Sansa Stark, adopted the dog Zunni that played her pet direwolf on the series. Sophie and Zunni are still best friends to this day!

US politics might be a mess. But with this zoom background you can feel what its like to be one of the most powerful people in the world. Fun fact: George Washington\’s teeth were not made out of wood. They were made of hippopotamus ivory, bone, animal and human teeth, lead, brass screws and gold wire. So your world is spinning out of control but you still need to keep your cool. Use this background to hint to your friends that everything might not be fine.

Be the main character of the classic horror film, \’The Shining\’ with this background of the hotel hallway. Just remember to look behind you! Fun fact: The \’Here\’s Johnny\’ scene went through 60 doors and 3 days of filming to get the scene perfect.

It makes one appreciate the cinematic artistry so much more. With the pandemic slowly ebbing into our rearview, it seems like the world has just survived the same kind of modern apocalyptic settings depicted by Hollywood movies. In the spirit of irony, therefore, this scene of zombies strolling across a grass field is sure to draw some attention to your Zoom screen. Anyone can become the president if they dream it — even if only in a zoom meeting. Back to our holiday-themed background images for Zoom, and this one is sure to create a serene appearance in your next company call — and make your fellow coworkers laugh too.

Family Guy is one of the funniest shows currently airing. The iconic Griffin living room itself has etched its image into the minds of many kids and young adults alike. As more fans of the show enter into the remote workforce, there are few better ways to pay homage to childhood nostalgia than this well-framed background. Arguably the most recognizable coffee shop of all time, this Zoom background is equally funny because of the show it represents and memorable.

The casting couch is an excellent conversation starter and can help diffuse tense communication moments ahead of time. Just make sure to use it with the right audience, as not everyone has the sense of humor required to find it hilarious. This is perhaps the most iconic image on the list. I can just picture it already: trying to hear oneself think through a barrage of clacking keyboards, people yelling at phones or themselves , and a cacophony of computer CPUs whirring away.

Going back to shows that made the 90s a memorable era, Seinfeld showed how an up-and-coming comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, navigates the crazy day-to-day life in New York. He gets up to a plethora of shenanigans with his friends and, while a few of them are outside his apartment, most of them happen in it. The Seinfeld living room is one of the most instantly recognizable sets of any TV show in modern history. Want to give off the impression of calm in the midst of a corporate storm?

This might just be the Zoom background image for you. In a whimsical twist of irony, this funny photo depicts a cartoonish kitchen on fire — with a mug comfortably resting at the edge of the kitchen table.

If your weekend was a bust and Monday seems to not be any better, use this classic background to spice up your next meeting.


99+ Funny Zoom Backgrounds & Wallpapers | Man of Many.

The Coronavirus pandemic made it seem as though you were living through apocalyptic times. Close Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Download this Among Us Zoom background here! Courtesy of ABC. Howl\’s Moiving Castle Anime background for Zoom. Keep the dream alive by changing your background to whatever you want. Do you have a favourite funny zoom meeting background?


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Just right-click your Zoom background of choice and save it to your phone or computer. Topics include home office backgrounds, hobby themed backgrounds, funny backgrounds for social calls, and holiday Zoom backgrounds such as Christmas, Hallowe\’en, July 4th, Juneteenth and Indigenous Peoples\’ Day. Jul 07,  · How to change Zoom virtual background on a computer. Step 1: Open the Zoom desktop software, sign in to your account and click your profile picture. Step 2: On the list, click Settings. Step 3: On the left menu, go to Backgrounds & Filters. Step 4: You can choose one image as your Zoom background, or you can upload one image as the virtual. The Simpsons Zoom Background. Angry woman pointing at cat Background. Hoarder Funny Zoom Background. Moon Zoom Background. Seinfeld Zoom Background. Toilet Zoom Background. Metro-Goldwyn Lion Zoom Background. Matrix Zoom Background. USA Oval Office Zoom Background.


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