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The Best Funny Backgrounds for Zoom · Family guy couch · Pretend you\’re in the bathroom · Oval Office · Tonight show · Harry Potter · Dunder Mifflin . 50 Free Zoom Virtual Backgrounds. Our screens have become an all too familiar scene with remote work on the rise. You can spice up your Zoom virtual backgrounds.


20 Funny Backgrounds for Zoom – Meetric


Download : Harry Potter Zoom background. Do your best Michael Scott impression and step into The Office\’ meeting room for your next Zoom call. Download : Dunder Mifflin Zoom background. Although they might not admit it, everyone on your meeting has bing-watched this series. So unless your teammates are Carole Baskin fans, they\’re sure to get a kick out of funny meme backgrounds like this.

Download : Tiger King Zoom background. Find out which of your teammates are also watching your favorite tv show with this funny zoom background:. Download : Schitt\’s Creek Zoom background. Ok, this might be the most popular meme in the history of the internet, but it still manages to get some laughs each time we look back at it. Download : Distracted boyfriend Zoom background. One for all you Parks and Rec fans, step into Leslie Knope\’s office for your next remote video call team meeting.

Download : Parks and Rec Zoom background. Not having a great Monday? Relax, it\’ll be fine, ignore the chaos of the meeting around you with this classic background:.

Download : This is fine Zoom background. Ok Zoomer, you wanted classic Download : Star Wars Zoom background. Let\’s face it, most meetings are lots of talk with nothing really going on. What better way to participate in a meeting about nothing than doing it from the show about nothing. This meme of a guy turning to check out another girl while walking with his girlfriend is one of the most popular images on the internet.

No matter how many times you see it, this meme still has the power to make you chuckle. I mean, look at him feeling on top of the world while rocking a knock-off Iron Man costume. Some of her fire, productivity, and creativity might even rub off on you. At the very least, your fellow Zoomers will get some laughs out of it.

The Coronavirus pandemic made it seem as though you were living through apocalyptic times. This background of a brewery barrel room will have everyone on your Zoom call craving their favorite drinks.

Surprise your Zoom attendees by reporting to the conference call from the Oval Office and try to use your powers as one of the most powerful people on earth to do some good before you leave the seat. Your co-workers will get a good laugh out of it. They might even share a couple of jokes about some of their best office moments. Take a page out of this popular meme and just stop worrying. Put on your best nonchalant impression and take things easy. This is a perfect funny background for your Zoom meetings.

It makes fun of all the things that people usually say during virtual calls. Remember when quarantine began and people assumed it was the start of the apocalypse so they bought and hoarded stacks of toilet paper?

And for what was probably the first time in history, toilet paper was sold out in most stores. This Zoom background is a fun throwback to that bizarre time. Make the scene even more believable by wearing a bathrobe. The lockdown gave us a lot of gems like this image of Cardi B using her famously long nails to cut up a mango and eat it on Instagram Live. What happened to all the knives and peelers in the world? Was the kitchen just too far away?

His response to anything no matter how dire the situation is to remind everyone that he is Groot. The Guardians of the Galaxy character has a huge fanbase. Using Groot as your Zoom background will earn you a lot of smiles and laughter. Add a little extra pep to this background by doing your best impression of different cast members throughout the duration of the video chat. One of the best gags in the beloved animated series is that many of the signposts in the town contain some kind of witty saying or play on words.

This funny Zoom background is only one of such example. Feel free to look up more The Simpsons signs and put them in your backdrop rotation. Why not transform your room into a hilarious cartoon scene with this background of the living room from Family Guy? You can even turn things up a notch by roleplaying one of the characters. Take inspiration from your favorite drag queens and put together an outlandish outfit that Ru Paul would approve of. And you may be familiar with Zoom\’s customisable backgrounds, to disguise your messy room, or fake that you\’re on a beach somewhere.

Whether you\’re a Zoom background veteran or a first time user, you\’ll enjoy these 20 funny zoom backgrounds that are sure to get a laugh from your friends!

Be in charge of your own emotions by being inside your Control Centre from the beloved Pixar movie, \’Inside Out\’. Is your guilty pleasure trashy reality shows? Hunker down in Love Island\’s classic interview chair and gossip away about your fellow zoom attendees! Are you a goody two shoes who does everything by the book? Have you ever wondered what its like to be a bad guy? Line up for a mugshot with this background but with none of the consequences. Fun fact: Photographing criminals began in the s.

A few years after the invention of photography. Old Disney films will forever have a place in our hearts. Relive your childhood cartoons by being the roaring lion in the Metro Goldwyn Mayer logo! Fun fact: There were 5 lions used for this intro from to We\’ve all had a moment in the office where we want to have a rant. Feel like you\’re in the real comedy series \’The Office\’ with this zoom background.

Nothing is more iconic than the couch from the Simpsons. Pretend you\’re part of the dysfunctional family by sitting on the couch itself! Fun fact: All characters on The Simpson\’s have 4 fingers on each hand, except for one with five: God. Through the magic of funny backgrounds, Zoom Meetings can be great again. Keep the dream alive by changing your background to whatever you want.

Taking a video meeting in your Daewoo Lanos? With the best Zoom backgrounds, the world is your oyster and we want you to embrace it.

Check out the Canva Templates. The easiest way to create a virtual background in Zoom is to click Settings and then click Virtual Backgrounds. Zoom\’s default virtual backgrounds are free of charge.

You\’re also welcome to shop for virtual backgrounds from third-party providers, some of whom might charge. Zoom\’s virtual background allows you to add an image to the background during your video chats. Choose from Zoom\’s menu of default images or upload one of your own.

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